Newsletter August 2009
PR: online or not online? That is the question 

In the old days, everything was done in a way that now seems quaint and clunky.

Take PR, for instance. The classic PR campaign involved briefing a PR company who would then go off in a huddle for a while, have a cocktail or two and return with a campaign. Typically, key media would be targeted, with the aim of reaching your chosen audience through ads and other opinion-forming means.

But the Internet is changing all that, as it's changing the greater part of the world. There's now online marketing, online advertising and online PR.

This looks like a brilliant idea. With the Internet, the world is literally your oyster. You can reach thousands, millions or potentially even billions through an online presence. That's opinion forming on a scale that even George Orwell's Big Brother would have been impressed by.

It's also cheap. It can cost next to nothing to get online: small pennies indeed compared to hiring an expensive PR outfit and keeping them in gin & tonics.

But just because it's cheap and offers great potential doesn't mean to say it's easy to achieve. Those very advantages mean that millions of voices are clamouring to be heard. And only the most strident are going to be.

To stand out from the crowd, you have to be original, intelligent and witty. You have to shout loud but what you shout has to be true, verifiable and rare. Because it's easy to compare sites. People have even been known to post negative feedback on their sites to hobble competitors who are racing away from them. Even when this feedback is untrue, mud often sticks.

In short, what you need is some expert help. At LimeTree, we've been doing online PR (and lots of other online things) for a very long time. We know that the voice of millions is not the voice of the few; that there is no single channel that will reach your intended audience all of the time. But we also know how to get the right message to exactly the right people, and have a range of weapons in our armoury to do so.

Interested? Then contact us today.


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