Newsletter August 2011
A seed for the future of technology
Start-ups offer a hope for the future and it is for this reason that Seedcamp, the London-based technology start up accelerator, has gained such prominence in recent years.

Seedcamp is a fund to encourage the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. The camp brings 20 of the best start-ups in the world to London and gives the eager few the chance to win 50,000 to put towards making their start up idea a success preferably a huge one. With America being the leading start-up nation and the culture of entrepreneurship and risk a necessity for such home-grown successes, Seedcamp offers businesses from other not-so-risk prone companies such as England the chance to get some hard fought for capital in a time of limited credit. Twenty is a lot of potential winners, so like any good competition from the Grand National to the World Cup here are the top five potential winners of Seedcamp 2011 which is taking place this September:

Farmeron offers a computerised agricultural solution for farmers by giving them a simple and useful data interface that trumps competitors in terms of usability there are only two competitors. Farmeron allows farmers to measure commodity prices and even name the animals in certain fields as they wish. With a market worth 3.3 billion a year, it may come as no surprise Farmeron is a favourite to win.

Fractal hopes to offer clients the chance to build and distribute email letters across a multiple of email clients. The company launched its beta version eight weeks ago and is launching a new version which it hopes will massively improve on this in two weeks. The new service costs 300 for a base fee and $100 per 1000 API requests.

Legal issues are rife across the web, especially copyright problems. Myows or "My original works" stems from Singapore and hopes to solve this problem by offering people the chance to store their copyrighted materials in one place, manage rights and pursue infringements. This will save hugely on the time consuming and expensive job of work being re-appropriated. Myows already has 18,000 registered works and has solved 72 cases of infringement.

Reply Done
This is a very exciting piece of software that gets rid of those tedious replies from email contacts. The software suggests an intelligent reply by looking through previous emails for any email sent to you. This intelligent email answering programme is expecting to be able to deal with increasingly ambitious emails as time goes by, giving it huge potential as software and if money increases after winning.

This product has been created by Taavet Hinrikus, Skype's first employee. It hopes to eliminate the currency exchange fee charged by banks and others on currency exchange. TransferWise hopes to transfer money from one currency to another via a P2P network and only charge 1 for the trouble. The company hopes to make 300m in transfers next year and is growing rapidly.

Seedcamp Week 2011 takes place from 5-9th September 2011

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