Still Waiting on Windows 10?

By: Simon Muckle | Posted On: August 20, 2015

This new piece of software is almost three weeks old and Microsoft are already publishing Service Pack 1 for Windows 10 but some people are still waiting for the notification in the Get Windows 10 App that their free download …read more »

Information Age and Web 2.0

By: Simon Muckle | Posted On: July 31, 2015

Today most people make a lot of decisions based on information that we find widely available on the internet. We check out pictures of food and rely on comments of restaurants that other people have already frequented but we haven’t …read more »

With advances in technology, more options become available for small businesses to afford marketing techniques that once only big corporations were able to use. Voice broadcasting is one of them but it is not a new form of advertising, rather …read more »

Day trippin'

There is nothing quite like that holiday feeling. Summer holidays in particular – they’re what I live for. The warmth from the sun heating up your body; the smell of the fresh sea breeze; the feeling of sand between your …read more »

Upgrading The Mind: You 2.0

By: Ash Rakik | Posted On: March 06, 2015

(Or how to develop superhuman powers just by reading nine books)

ASH RAKIK wants to supercharge your potential – and has got nine books to recommend that just might do the more »

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