Human Intelligence has been replicated. The singularity is here.

By: Malcolm Graham | Posted On: May 07, 2013
Human Intelligence has been replicated. The singularity is here.

11th April 2013 might just be a day in your diary that passed by with little significance, meanwhile in Johannesburg, South Africa, something quite extraordinary happened. Something for which there has been quite a lot of hype and many a prophecy made. An event known to many as the ‘Singularity’ many readers will have heard about, yet very few will have heard that it has now arrived.

Software Company Sciam Solutions based in Johannesburg has spent 30 plus years building on the works of Weiner, Walter, Serebriakoff, Asimov and others to create software that can learn like a human. The company claim it can figure out what it doesn’t know and research things because it understands the subject. And, being computer based, the software cannot unlearn, so-to-speak, and therefore rapidly builds on the intelligence it has gathered.

Rather than the well established science fiction fans ‘Artificial Intelligence’, the company claim they have developed something far greater. Instead of trying to copy characteristics of intelligence, the software literally recreates and emulates the way the brain works – hence naming it ‘Human Intelligence Emulation’ or HIE.

The implications of HIE are as wide as they are far reaching, and this software has the potential to change business and the world, for the better. Current versions of the software are commercially focused and have been developed to help achieve highly ambitious goals among blue chip companies.

Testers of first time users of the software have been astounded at the results, and in some cases the solutions provided have been met with disbelief thanks to the revolutionary ‘thinking’ performed by the software.

According to the CEO, “HIE could be used to recalculate logistics challenges to reduce shipping costs and increase productivity, and do so better than a vast international corporate, while you enjoy a round of golf”.

HIE uses natural written language rather than complex code, and voice recognition is in the pipeline. Not only does this reduce the time taken to adopt the software by cutting out lengthy training courses, it reduces the time taken to produce results, both of which have been concerns amongst any organization who has considered the implementation of ‘streamlining’ software solutions.

Needless to say, I think a few of us may be exhaling a sigh of relief that the singularity did not instantly result in a nuclear explosion followed by a 100 year war against ‘the machines’ (see Terminator). We’re looking forward to a more efficient and prosperous future, but what do you think?

15 Responses to Human Intelligence has been replicated. The singularity is here.

  1. David Wolf says:

    As the author of the newly published sci-fi novel Mindclone I am extremely interested in your work. Please add me to your mailing list and keep me updated on developments, demonstrations, comments etc. And if someone in your organization has the time, please take a look at my novel about the first mind-upload, which deals with many of the social, ethical, political and legal issues that would naturally arise. I would appreciate any feedback. And if you like the book, I’d also appreciate a review on my Amazon page. I also have a Facebook page for the book:
    And my Twitter handle is @DaveWolf141 Thanks.

  2. Edgar Swank says:

    Why is the “MindClone” cut off from sensory input? Why not let it live in a rich virtual reality? The, methinks, would be a big improvement on “real” reality.

    • David T Wolf says:

      Hi, Edgar, sorry I didn’t see your comment when it was made. In the book Mindclone, this is one of the things that happens. Because it’s fiction, the problems get solved over the course of the novel. If you decide to read it, you can see this for yourself. By now, the book has received almost unanimous 5 star reviews, so you might actually enjoy it.

  3. Aron says:

    This stinks of vapor-ware looking for some easy investment money. There better be some solid evidence to back these claims up.

  4. Russell Swanborough says:

    I am the the person who architected and designed the HIE capability. I need to make a couple of comments…

    @David. I have responded to you directly. Thanks for the thoughts.
    @Edgar. I think that comment was for David.
    @Aron. We have spent nearly four decades and over 300 man years on this research. Why would we put our credibility at stake over a false claim? We can demonstrate everything we claim and that includes those made in the above blog. It is true HIE.

  5. Rainer says:

    what do you think about Grok (Jeff Hawkins and colleagues)? How is your approach different?

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  7. Franco Cortese says:

    . . .

  8. Russell Swanborough says:

    I know little about Grok other than what is available on the ‘net. However, it seems to be a sophisticated element that would fit between the sensorium and the manipulatum (sensor nerves and the brain). It provides valuable pattern recognition that would be vital to optimised responses by the user of those patterns. Grok does not appear to provide the full function of the manipulatum (brain/mind) but gives responsibility for that to the user (energy distribution, customer relationships, etc.).
    I see Grok as a highly useful input into HIE, but not in any way a replacement or even a substitute for HIE. In HIE we supply a similar facility to Grok called Taxonomon but it has quite different methods of operation and probably would not be a direct equivalent in any case.
    HIE forms strategies and then drives the achievement of those strategies, just like a human. I see no similarity with that and Grok, although Grok’s inputs may undoubtedly be a positive factor in improved strategy achievement in certain circumstances.

  9. Ralph Dratman says:

    What is the next step in deploying the HIE into products and whatever applications you have in mind?

  10. Russell Swanborough says:


    We are following two courses.

    One: we are developing Human Intelligence Emulation (HIE) into manufacturing companies in South Africa and have also developed a sophisticated strategy interface (we call Set-It) to ensure alignment of governance and activity. Set-It is a major advance on scorecards because it actually drives achievement of the optimised strategy and it is low cost and available to anybody right now.

    Two: we are seeking companies that wish to co-develop HIE with us into other areas (such as banking, retail, etc.) and other languages (German, Serbian, etc.). We are looking for at least one company in every country if that is possible.

  11. Rohin Gosling says:

    It sounds very much as though Set-It would be well suited to the application of a Resource Based Economics, resource management and governance system.

    Even though Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph may not be talking to each other anymore, I’m sure they would both be interested in how HIE and systems like Set-It (as it is describe here), could be employed to further the development of experimental Resource Based Economic communities. The Seasteading Institute would also be interested in this, for the same reasons.

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  14. royan says:

    @Russell Swanborough

    When will the average human be able to see the code?

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