Newsletter December 2009
Marketing for modern times
Thanks to the Internet, the world of marketing has changed out of all recognition. And that process shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, it’s now possible to do things that would have seemed like science fiction even 10 years ago.

Take video marketing, for instance. This would have been literally impossible in 1999; embedding a video link in an email or on a website required the dramatically faster download speed that only broadband made possible.

Nowadays, high speed connections are a reality: and they’re getting faster all the time. So it’s not a problem having links in your online marketing material.

But is it a useful business tool – or just flashy gimmickry?

The answer is resoundingly the former. Video marketing conveys many advantages not available through other means. It makes an instant impact, really grabbing the attention of your visitors: rather than having to look at unmoving words or flat designs, they can see something motivational or persuasive – a lot less work. A presenter can talk your visitors through the advantages of using your services. He can even show them what’s different about your products.

This tells the story quickly: you’ve probably seen “sixty second pitches” and the like. But it also brings an immediacy and a vividness that traditional marketing just doesn’t have. It draws the visitor in far more effectively, making your site “stickier”. And it makes your company look vibrant, more professional – more modern. If your website, for instance, has video on it and your competitors’ sites don’t, which will impress potential clients more?

Last but certainly not least, video marketing boosts your ranking on search engines: enabling your site to be seen by more people (many of whom never search beyond the first page or two).

If you’d like to explore the huge potential of this, we can help. At LimeTree, we’re experts in video marketing and can bring you right slap bang into the twenty-first century. Which after all is where your potential clients already are.
So here it is, merry Christmas
And if you win our luxury Draycott Hamper, it will be! This stylish compilation features a tempting selection of seasonal offerings from the world’s most famous food hall. All you have to do is email us your answers to the following topical questions. The entry with the highest number of correct answers will win the hamper; and in the event of a tie, we’ll draw the winning name out of Santa’s hat.
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Q1. Who released the perennial Christmas favourite “I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day” in 1973? 
Q2. Who was Ebenezer Scrooge’s partner in “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens? 
Q3. Who played Scott Calvin, a man who becomes Father Christmas, in the 1994 movie “The Santa Clause”? 
Q4. Who wrote the song “Walking in the Air” for the 1982 animated film “The Snowman”? 
Q5. What traditional Christmas accessory was invented by Thomas Smith in 1846? 
Q6. In which US State is the 1954 movie “White Christmas” largely set in? 
Q7. How many lords are a-leaping in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”? 

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