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We offer iPhone and iPad Application Development services, from concept to app distribution and promotion. Our iPhone and iPad Apps are original and innovative and cut through the noise of the App Store.

iPhone and iPad App Development Lifecycle

We get to know you and your requirements. We listen to your ideas to gain an understanding of exactly what the purpose of your App will be, how you want it to function, and the look and feel of the App.

Once the concept has been understood and finalised, our highly skilled design team will come up with design treatments for your App. This includes creating screens and a flowchart of your application. Once you are happy with the design and flow of the App, we will move on to develop your App and get it ready for the App Store.

LimeTree employs only the best developers who have considerable experience in developing iPhone and iPad applications. We will choose the right developer to build your App to ensure a speedy delivery.

Once you are happy with your iPhone or iPad App, we will get it ready for distribution through the Apple App Store. Most of our Apps get accepted into the App Store the first time round, but in the unlikely case that your App is rejected, we will make sure that it is fixed and resubmitted.

LimeTree's Application Development service not only includes the building of your App, we also include the promotion of your App. We use various methods to get your App noticed and create a buzz about your App. This should increase the number of downloads and popularity of your App on the App Store.

And one more thing...
We are the best value App developers in the world - nobody beats us on value for money!

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