Newsletter January 2010
A question of ethics

Would you turn down a client because you don't like his business? In the end, much of that must come down to your own morals and world view. Is an arms dealer acceptable? What about a pornographer? Or a tobacco company?

These are hard choices in hard times. Some businesses cross the line, of course, and then the decision is easy. We once called in the police when a client in the soft porn "industry" had pictures of underage boys on a website related to him.

Generally we feel very comfortable morally with what we do for a living and we have even written software that as been proven to help save lives for workers in dangerous environments. That project felt really good!

Is it our job to moralise? Again, a personal decision. Turning down clients means turning away work, and that can be a tough call. At LimeTree, we're not sanctimonious and we will take on most businesses. But if something is illegal, or in our opinion morally unacceptable, then we don't have a problem in saying "Thanks, but no thanks."


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