Newsletter May 2011
Internet World exhibition 10-12 May 2011

The Internet World exhibition and conference is an annual event that brings together some of Europe's top online and digital marketing business professionals across three days of exhibitions, keynote speeches and seminar programmes.

Having recently been to a relatively small event, Social Media World Forum at Olympia, London, Internet World seemed even grander than normal. The vast venue, Earls Court 2, was split into five main areas; eCommerce and mCommerce, Content Management, Connectivity and Hosting, Digital and Mobile Marketing, and Social Media. Each of these sections had their own theatres hosting seminars on relevant topics and a Keynote Theatre which hosted longer, more in-depth seminars on more general subjects. Despite the numerous range of theatres and seminars, every one proved popular and boasted significant queues – so much so that some people even sneaked in through the back to just get a glimpse.

Having tried and failed to get in for Google's talk on measuring display advertising, we managed to get seats in the Future of Social Media Theatre for a rather interestingly named seminar "How I Met Your Mother and Five Other Stories About The Rise and Rise of Social Media". The talk, given by Fortune Cookie CEO Justin Cook, covered the way our real world lives can and have been affected by social media. He gave some interesting examples such as a woman caught cheating through her Foursquare use, and a couple who met through social media and later went on to marry.

After we had digested the seminar and a coffee we made our way through the maze of stands that engulfed the venue. The number of free pens, stress balls, cakes, bags, and even fresh strawberries on display was simply phenomenal. The stands ranged from small and basic stands with one chair and one disenchanted employee, to statuesque monuments teamed by brightly branded armies. Many companies, usually the larger ones, used the slightly dubious tactic of employing scantily clad women to entice people to their stands. A more wholesome, but no less shallow, attraction used by Rackspace was the inclusion in their number of a rather impressive magician.

The Facebook stand was by far one of the best stands, both in looks and substance, with its impressively large branding materials and knowledgeable employees who answered all our questions in a quick and concise manner. After perusing some more stands, we did one last but not so quick lap around the hall before heading back to the office. Another hard day's work over...


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