Newsletter May 2011
Videojug's 'how-to' videos may help your brand expansion

Since its launch in 2005, the runaway success of the video-sharing website, YouTube, has highlighted the rapid growth and influence of online video as a medium. Described as "a YouTube for how-tos", Videojug launched a year later with a specific focus on instructional videos and now pulls in a mass audience of both users and viewers.

As "the world's most comprehensive library of free factual video content online", Videojug is currently home to over 60,000 free expert how-to videos and guides designed to help you "get good at life". The website provides professionally made and amateur videos on topics ranging from the serious ("how to treat heartburn") to the moderate ("how to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods") and the downright silly ("how to clown about behind a sofa"). Each video can clock up anything from a few hits to a few million and unlike YouTube, a significant proportion of the site's content is made in-house by the Canary Wharf-based production team.

It is not just consumers who are making use of this social technology, brands are increasingly recognising the value of being seen as well as heard and today more and more companies are signing up to video technology as an additional means of communication. launched earlier this month with a selection of Videojug-style how-to videos on common digital marketing and technology challenges. Topics include 'how to block certain websites', 'how to put music on an iPhone', 'how to clear cookies off your computer' and 'how to find deleted history'. You can visit the channel by going to

If you have any topics you would like us to cover in a how-to video or need help setting up your own TV channel for your brand, please drop us an email.


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