LimeTree Newsletter - December 2011
To the latest edition of the LimeTree Newsletter.
Malcolm Graham, CEO, LimeTree. 
Royal Mail price finder gets lost in the post
4G network cometh Royal Mail's Price Finder is an essential online tool for individuals and businesses but unfortunately ahead of the holiday season – it's busiest time of year – a technical glitch has meant that the service has spent some considerable time offline. Is this another example of becoming over reliant on internet-based tools or a terrible blunder on the company's part? read more..
YouTube gets a makeover
cooking app YouTube has just had the biggest redesign in its history. What does this mean for the future of one of the internet's most popular sites and how does it tie in with Google's plans to topple Facebook? read more..
Google looks to topple Amazon as top online retailer
Facebook rival Google's attempts at world, or at least internet, domination know no bounds and now the search engine giant has its eye on toppling Amazon. Does it have what it takes to succeed? read more..
Big Brother is watching smartphone and email users
City-specific Facebook users are already used to having their privacy invaded but now WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims something even more sinister is going on worldwide on the surveillance front... read more..
Windows 8 arriving in the New Year
Silicon Valley Microsoft may have blundered with Vista but even the sceptics can't deny they did something right with Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7. The beta of Windows 8 is going public in February with its radical new interface. What will this mean for the future of the PC and how much will the OS be influenced by Microsoft's mobile platform? read more..
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