LimeTree Newsletter - September 2009

To the September issue of our regular newsletter: and thanks to everyone who commented on last month’s. More and more people are signing up for this, and very few have unsubscribed – so it looks like we’re getting it right.
Malcolm Graham, CEO, LimeTree. 
Recession: light at the end of the tunnel?
We’ve all been through some testing times with the economy in intensive care. But is the brightness up ahead the light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train? Read more.. 
A better way to win new business
Is the business beauty parade destined to go the way of the three-hour business lunch? There are good reasons to hope so in terms of value for money.
An ethical dilemma
If you know a potential client is about to sign up to a poor quality supplier, should you spill the beans – or will it make you look like a job-hungry predator?
Mr Nice and Mr Nasty
Not a Mr Men story, but something that’s all too real: the unpleasant client who thinks that he’s doing well for his company by treating his digital agency badly. But who is the real winner – macho Mr Nasty or the more easy-going Mr Nice?
There goes summer…
But was it a time when your marketing and communications agency put up the ‘closed’ sign for an entire month? If so, it might be time to appoint a new one.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of our newsletter, and the underlying articles. If you have any comments on anything, don’t keep them to yourself; send us a message. We look forward to hearing your views. 
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